Welcome to the Glade Learning Portal

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Please ensure that you have registered on the Glade section of Oakenwood before you undertake any of our courses. This allows the software we use to set up your identity and details for course scoring and history. Which in turn will allow you to see your progress as you go through one or more of the courses at your own pace.


The Glade learning portal is the part of Oakewnwood where we keep our courses, which have been specifically created for our community. We have a selection of free and priced courses available to anyone that wants to take them.

Oakenwood Subscribers

As a full subscriber to oakenwood you are able to take up two of the full priced courses each month with your discount coupon free of charge until completion of them, and continue to be able to have two courses free (each month) as long as you have the full subscription package of Oakenwood.

Join the community and get involved

A big part of Oakenwood is about creating a community where we can all be active in various ways.

We recommend that you join our free social media group whch you can find here:  Social Media

“As time moves on we will be adding more course to Oakenwoods Glade section”.

“Even a gift has a price”

We value everything that goes into the Oakenwood project, and that includes the courses that are created for the Glade section of the site. People put in a great deal of time and effort creating these courses, and their only payment for the free courses we offer, is the satisfaction of knowing others benefit from taking them.

“You can not live on good will alone”

Which is why we also have paid courses which has a financial cost attached to them.  A portion of which goes to the creator of the courses as payment for their effort.

“We are all the Oakenwood community”

If you have the knowledge, skills and passion on a particular subject and  to want to create a course that we can put in the Glade, drop us a line so we can chat about it with you.

Some of our courses are free for everyone to take, and some are charged for, full subscription members of our community can take two paid courses per month free of charge as part of their subscription package.

If you want to create a course for Oakenwood and the course you create is free for everyone, your payment for creating it is knowing everyone benefits from your work. If it goes into the paid section, we pay a fee to the course creator for every one that completes the course even when it is free under our full package subscription.


Please note:

To ensure we comply with current UK legislation it is pointed out that all content on the Oakenwood website, including the Glade learning portal and any other locations we use both on the internet and in the physical world is for your entertainment purpose only.
Any information supplied, in any form should be taken as such and it is recommended that if any professional bodies or persons exist within any professions you should seek advice from them regarding any issues within those professions.

— The Oakenwood team.–